Prices:Prices for paintings are listed in Image Info section located beneath each individual painting. Prints & Cards: If desired, 11x15 prints in archival mat & clear polybag are available per painting. Note cards are available per painting. Size is 4.5" x 6.25" giclee prints on the finest archival white card stock. Five cards w/envelopes per clear box are available. Paintings which are 22x30 avail a giclee print same size as original. Prints & Cards Costs: 22x30 - giclee print from 22x30 original: $275.00, 11x15 - giclee print from any size painting: $50.00, 4.5x6.25 - giclee print cards from any size painting or holiday cards, 5 cards/envelopes per clear polybox or polybag: $10.00. Shipping Costs: Customer pays all shipping charges, sent via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping & Insurance info will be added to itemized costs of painting/paintings purchased. Payment Type: Paypal payments are available on website in the Image Info section. To pay via Paypal, you need to sign up & become a Paypal member. Also, personal checks, money orders, cashier checks are accepted. I am now taking through Bank of America Merchant Services, VISA MASTERCARD & American Express. Please call me at 518-789-3425 or 860-738-7077, or sign GuestBook to pay via Merchant Services or for contact information.